Lunes, Mayo 20, 2013

Better In Time

Don't long for me.

I've been great. Leave me alone.
Don't long for me.
We choose the path we chose.
Don't long for me.

I don't think of you no more.
It took me years.
Don't long for me.
I am better. 
Never been this better.
Don't long for me.
Forget the way I kissed.
Or the way I held you in my arms.
Don't long for me.
Forget that you missed me.
And that you used to seek my face in the crowd.
Don't long for me.
Forget the love songs.

Forget the times I sang for you.
Don't long for me.
Forget the way I cried.
Forget the way I tried.
It'll never happen again.
Don't long for me.
Don't find me.
Don't get hurt cos I'm happy.
We choose what we chose.
Don't long for me.
Learn to live without me.
Without my smile. Without my voice.
Without my memories. Without my kiss.
Don't long for me
Without my song. Without my touch.
Without my time.Without my care.
Without my heart. Without my skin.
Dont long for me
Without my lips. Without my love

Without me.
Don't long for me.


How do you run away from the things that are in your head? 

Sabado, Abril 20, 2013

Shades of Purple

Parang title lang ng album ni Marion and Marit :P

My hair's inspired from Katy Perry's  "Wide Awake" music video.

See it here:


I asked my 2 nieces, Nicky and Bree what color to pick for my hair and they both screamed "PURPLE".
So I sort'ish experimented a bit to find out how i'd look if I have purple hair! haha

So did I achieve the Katy Perry look?
Whatchathink? ;)

Linggo, Abril 14, 2013

Lunchdate Glamour :)

I haven't made an outfit post in a while so since I got bored yesterday, I figured Id play dress up for you guys a lil :P

My outfit's inspired for a day out in a real fancy place...and aslo , To prove that even in daylight, there's no such thing as too much glitter! haha :D

Hope y'all liked it :)

White coat : The Pretty Shop by Ishi : Glittery brown top : Forever 21 :Skirt: Northgate tiangge : 
Heels : Charles & Keith : Sling bag: Sophie Paris ; White sunnies: SM accessories

Some photos from January :)

I think its crazy how I couldnt keep up with my backlogs in here :(
I get too busy with too many things that at times, It feels like I couldn't even keep up with myself! lol
Well I got itty bitty time today to post a lil for you guys so Let me take you back to January of this year in photos!

So here ya go!

Global VS Nomads , January 13th at Rizal Stadium :)

1st photo: football friends : 2nd pic was with Sam. my crush among the Nomads hotties : 
3rd photo: Misagh from Global and his bday cake given by my bff Myra (the girl in orange on the 1st pic)

HSBC Annual Holiday Party, January 26, 2013, World Trade Center

Night of booze, fun and good ol' reminiscin of the amazing years we've been with the world's local bank :)

Awesomesssst  people you cud ever werk with!

one of the bestest friends anyone cud ever have, my Mommy Merl :)

yup dont mess with my bitches ;)

more updates soon xo

Sabado, Abril 13, 2013

Madhouse Theory

I have this set of theories about you that I couldn't wait to confirm. lol. 

*You seem like a guy who is so sure of himself...
ur soul comes through with the things that you write.
*You are under control, likes to be on top of things, perhaps a lil bit of a  control freak but that's cool with me,  I could use a bit of a dominance.*cheeky grin* 
*You wanna give that impression that you do not care about how you look but you do check yourself out and you knew deep inside how incredibly sexy you are when you sing so u give out that naughty lil smile that I'm sort'ish crazy about while playing your guitar.
*You're a toughie but when you fall, you fall hard.
*You like to keep it chill but deep inside you're big on romance.
*You're passionate.
*You're a performer. IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE. :P

I wish to find out soon .. You know where to find me :)


You said that If you love someone, by all means..Let him know..
I don't think its right to say that I do, cos I never really had so many chances to know you inside out like i wish I have ,  But truth be told,  It kinda sucks surrendering to the fact that I may not be able to talk to you the same way again.

I really enjoyed hanging out with you..I knew there were times during that sesh that I feel I over-talked , But that's just b'cos I was too scared to waste any second of time spent with you, cos as you can tell, it doesn't happen everyday which by the way is a  bummer. :(

I think its utterly stupid and ridiculous how we were fated to have known each other like this cos even if I do get that courage to come up to you and tell you just how much I wanna get to know you for who you really are outside that friggin' "spotlight" that sets us a WORLD apart...I would never ever get you to believe that my intentions are pure! No matter what I do, I am gonna end up 'fan-bucketed". Arrgghh...Its frustrating how I wonder so much about you sometimes, like what ticks you off or which side of the bed you like to sleep, how you want your egg cooked..Why  so mysterious? Do you give corny jokes (cos u seem so serious and professional all the time)  and why you like that grey jacket so much!?...Ok. Maybe the last part wasn't necessary but the POINT is, there is zero probability that I'd ever get you to take a chance on me!
Like EVER.

I really am interested and I don't even know why!
I guess you just happen to master the art of mystery that you have figured out how incredibly attractive you can get when ure being so darn mysterious or maybe you weren't even trying, like Its just in you (Well..good for you!) .. and its just really an unfortunate thing for me, cos have a thing about mystery!? 

Well whatevs, You're sexy. ;)

Huwebes, Abril 4, 2013

These boots are made for walking!

Sharing my latest obsession with you ppl!  ♥

These brown booties are the latest addition to my growing babies! Aside from how crazy comf'table it feels while wearing 'em, The other awesome part about my new baby is how I got them for 500 pesos! Yup thats about 12 US dollars!  Yesterday I wore a  girly lacey dress, purple stockings and an oversized polo shirt with it to complete my countrygirl peg haha but forgot to take pictures :( I wore this last weekend though, with a pair of denim that I just bought recent from Lhasa as well so Ima post those photos now instead! Hope you guys like it ♥

Long sleeve shirtdress - People r People,  1994 shirt - Cotton On , Ripped shorts -Lhasa, Brown boots- Northgate tiangge

                                        Floral batwing top- Northgate tiangge , Sling bag- Sophie Paris

And what's a photo op without selfies? haha

And here are some photos with friends that day :)


Havent blogged in forever cos I was too busy... I didnt even get to complete my backlogs yet :(
So sorry guys and gals, I will find time soon, Just not sure when lol

I found something blog worthy though :)

I aint really a fan of anime inspired hairstyle but Kristen's hair is a dreaaaaam ♥

Should I dye my hair like this? 

Whatcha think? ♥

Linggo, Marso 24, 2013

Our Kind of Love Song

Hellooooooo everyone!

I know I have been gone for a while but you know what's really cool!?

We have finally completed our song!

Yes! To those of you who havent been into my FB today, Argene San Jose, Victoria Pastor and yours truly co wrote a song with the "Scott Moffatt"

SCOTT MOFFATT!! Can you imagine that!?

Still feels like a dream, anyway thought id let you guys hear it and feel free to share how you feel about the song! I cant tell you enough how much of a dream come true this is for me..:))

Here's the link:

Our Kind of Love Song - Scott Moffatt

and here's the lyrics:

Our Kind of Love Song
Scott Moffatt

Everyday i see you at 9
Lunchbreak we talk for awhile
5 o clock were headed home
Walked together at the door
And we wave goodbye

Driving home im thinking about you
Wondrin if you think of me too
You dont know how i feel
You dont know this is real
Maybe someday soon..

Will you and me ever be my kind of story?...
I havent told u how i feel and im sorry
If only i cud take a chance to find out who i really am
Maybe this would become our kind of love song

Thought about what i cud say
I'll say it in the most obvious way
I just dunno where to start
This love for you hides in my heart
Maybe today, I just cant wait

Will you and me ever be my kind of story
I havent told u how i feel and im so sorry
If only I could take a chance to find out who I really am
Maybe this would become Our kind of love song..

5 o clock rolls around and instead of us waving goodbye
I say...

Will you and me ever be my kind of story
I havent told u how i feel and i think i love you
If only you could take a chance to find out who I really am
Maybe this would become Our kind of love song...

Linggo, Marso 10, 2013


I am about to get some sleep but I wanted to share my 4-word fave line from Katy's Teenage Dream.

Suddenly everything's starting to make sense.
The sad. The happy.
All of it brought me here.Exactly where I wanna be =)