Huwebes, Hulyo 4, 2013

Anti Bullying : Bcos you are Beautiful and You deserve to know that.

There's probably many of us at some point who had to endure the pain of being bullied. Having people team up against you while others just sit and watch because they're too afraid to speak up and be treated the "uncool" one. Most of us suffer in silence , with hearts crushed by cruelty. The best thing to do is walk away, It doesn't mean u're coward , It just means ,You're the bigger person but If you did try walking away, and they still won't stop , Do not be afraid to ask for help. Its okay to stand up for yourself cos The truth of the matter is ...Bullies..are the real weaklings. They are weak in spirit, its all a ploy to take away from the fact that they have nothing else going for them. They want attention cos they know of no other way to fit in socially. They know none of compassion cos they were not taught that , at home. They are insecure beings who wants to drag people into their misery. So insecure that the only way they could feel good about themselves is if they are able to put people down. Their lives...are..empty.

If you are suffering from being bullied , Do not be afraid to speak up. Remember that No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. There's always people willing to help . Realize that most of the time , These bullies are only trying to put you down cos you're way above them. Every person is beautiful in their own way and do not let anyone tell you that you're not. You are created so special that you may have your own way of touching other people's lives. Just b'cos they don't see how wonderful you are doesn't mean that you're not wonderful. If you open your eyes , You will see how much you're loved and that you are a blessing to many people.
Do not let these bullies take away the things that makes you special.

They are not worth your tears , not worth your suffering and to those, with friends , family or kids , who have people suffering these things and aren't as strong enough to stand up for themselves , Hear them out and be a stronger voice. Sometimes all they need is to see someone willing to walk beside them in this fight against bullying so they would have the power to fight for themselves.

Stay strong little soldier and Remember that God is closest to the brokenhearted :)

Lunes, Mayo 20, 2013

Better In Time

Don't long for me.

I've been great. Leave me alone.
Don't long for me.
We choose the path we chose.
Don't long for me.

I don't think of you no more.
It took me years.
Don't long for me.
I am better. 
Never been this better.
Don't long for me.
Forget the way I kissed.
Or the way I held you in my arms.
Don't long for me.
Forget that you missed me.
And that you used to seek my face in the crowd.
Don't long for me.
Forget the love songs.

Forget the times I sang for you.
Don't long for me.
Forget the way I cried.
Forget the way I tried.
It'll never happen again.
Don't long for me.
Don't find me.
Don't get hurt cos I'm happy.
We choose what we chose.
Don't long for me.
Learn to live without me.
Without my smile. Without my voice.
Without my memories. Without my kiss.
Don't long for me
Without my song. Without my touch.
Without my time.Without my care.
Without my heart. Without my skin.
Dont long for me
Without my lips. Without my love

Without me.
Don't long for me.


How do you run away from the things that are in your head? 

Linggo, Abril 28, 2013

Back to November (Uber late Backlogs part 4) Last day in Cebu :)

We woke up super early cos me and Arni wanted to check out the pool before she heads out to the airport.
And btw ..Im just feeling the need to mention that at this time...My voice was starting to come back lil by lil. (yup!..On my last friggin day!) How extremely helpful!

 Arni's flight's at noontime and we also had to check out from Waterfront at 12 noon. We had no plans whatsoever to go after the guys no more being that its our last day and we just wanted to act like the tourist that we are! As far as I can remember we have not had the chance to play the part cos were too busy ... u know.....mingling with the guys ;)

After a quick swim..We packed our stuff and headed down for some pictures with Arni before she leaves for the airport..Arni didn't wanna have breakfast at the hotel so Me and Lui figured we'd have the breakfast buffet back at UNO's, right after our "photo op". Arni left after about half an hour and me and Lui got inside Uno's around 10 am. I was starving a little so I looked for the bacon right away and *Drumroll please*.. Seated right in front of  the juicy crisp bacon was Mark and Chris!  I swear when I saw Mark eating there with Chris, I wanted to leave bcos I was too afraid they'd think we were following them which is sooo not the case this time around! I was too hungry so I just decided not to look at them while quickly grabbing my food. Lui did the same thing and wow its almost like we weren't really starving cos after seeing the guys     We  sure couldn't eat!

We knew that Chris is leaving that day so we weren't really surprised that he left first. We weren't supposed to approach them no more but a pair of ladies working at the hotel stopped him for a pic and he willingly obliged. Lui made an awesome point by making me realize, There's not much left to lose since its my last night and we're leaving the hotel in a bit! I agreed in one condition, She'll be the first to approach Chris.
So there..I went after her...I got to hug Chris again, took pictures again and I got to talk to him , at last!
He even said "Take Care" after :D I owe this moment to Lui babe!

Few more minutes passed and this time , it was Mark leaving UNO's. We waited till the ladies approached him first , Then I waited after Lui and Mark chatted with us for a bit ..Got to hug him again and I remember I told him were checking out and heading back to Manila and he said sumthin that sounded like, "Will we be at the same blah blah'...I couldnt remember for the life of me what it was LOL..It just came back to me like after it already happened! I do not even remember how the whole convo went cos I am going through so much emotions not wanting to leave Cebu and already missing them. *sigh* After that sweet moment,  We went to get our stuff to get ready to move to another hotel..Lui is leaving at night time while I leave 4 am next morn... We planned on looking for a cheaper place to stay being that It'll just be myself that night.

Talk about ironic, I went to the counter to check out with my stuff and in my right , lined up at the counter next to me,  was Mark again! LOL. He was talking to some old lady at the same time so I didn't bother him no more, Honestly I am out of guts so I just smiled and he smiled back.  While I was at the counter, Lui had the chance to speak briefly to Mark after the old lady let her go before she came back 2 minutes after and stole Mark from Lui again lol Lui said Mark was going to move to another hotel near the beach to get some tan.I envy the people who got to see him that day on the beach :/

After checking out, we went straight outside to get a cab, waved goodbye to Mark with such heavy hearts...Couldn't help wishing it didn't have to end.

I will post me and Lui's pictures on a different entry our photos from the Taoist temple.

Its been 5 months but I can't get over all the fun I had in Cebu! I feel that this would bring a smile to my face forever and ever! I remember posting my picture with the guys captioned "I miss these guys" prolly 2 days after they left and when Mark "liked" the photo on FB, I was over the moon! It was as if he's telling me that He remembers me...and for a fan like means so much =)


Miss you :(

*END of  A1 in Cebu 2012 *

Back to November (Uber Late Backlogs) 11/24 Magellan's Pub Part 2

Last night staying at Waterfront.

I totally forgot to mention that the craziest part of this entire trip was how I immediately lost my voice the moment the plane landed on Cebu grounds. My friend even said, You're like Ariel with ur prince charmings here but unable to talk.. So close yet so far! T'was IRONICALLY true! I could barely hold a convo! I'm telling you , On the first day, I could barely speak but t'was still somewhat understandable. On the second day, it was major effort to have the words come out of my mouth...On the third day which is what this post is all about, its just air. LOL

Lui woke up around 7 am cos she had to go meet up with some friends to go to another a1 event so Me and Arni decided we'd stay at the lobby first to wait for the guys ( 'cos she have yet to take solo pictures with them at that time ) but Oh yeah,  Before hanging out at the lobby lounge, we claimed our breakfast buffet for two at the hotel's resto "UNO" where I prolly had about 10 glasses of fresh mango juice and 2 plates of bacon LOL..You see..I dont ever have any problem with buffet meals! I'm sure u can tell from my love handles haha Gross me! LOL Im working on it, okayyyyy!?? Defensive much lang haha :P

After breakfast, we stayed at the lobby lounge and got me some alky namely Tanduay Ice. lol. I know its early morn but their bar looks so inviting..I couldn't say NO! I really am not an alky lol but I'm kinda loving the chill vibe that morn and its just a bottle anyway..Besides I could totally use some artificial confidence so Id have the guts to steal B from S! haha Kidding..As much as I wud love to hate S, she seemed really sweet! She even followed me on Twitter after I met her on a presscon last year ..I just don't have it in me to hate her....*nose starts to elongate*...:P

I had the chance to admire the understated opulence the hotel has to offer..the interiors...The ceiling def stunned me...We passed the time taking photos..I think it was after an hour when the guys went down
and Arni's much awaited solo pics finally transpired!

Snappies below :D

The ceiling :)

Dahil namiss q c Kuya at ang omelet nya

Mark saw I couldnt talk so He asked how I was  doin.  He said he hopes my throat gets better =)

We knew they were on their way to do some ribbon cutting for another charity event so we  opted to stay  at the hotel and rest up for a few hours. Afternoon that same day, They were scheduled to have a cd singing at some mall and since I haven't got me the new cd as of yet, we decided we'd join in!

Mark saw me and asked about how my throat is doing again. Isn't he a sweetheart!?
I also asked Christian if he was leaving the next day, Lucky for me, He understood what I was saying even when I couldn't even hear myself lol I can tell he was starting to feel bad that I couldn't speak so he was trying to keep the conversation to a minimum !
And finally...Third kiss I got from Ben! Scoreeee!!! LOL

We heard from a friend that the guys are going back to Magellan's pub that night and that they might perform..Cant afford to miss that one out especially b'cos its Arni and Lui's last night in Cebu..We thought we'd so some serious "prettyfying" for the event and Conviently, Me and Arni found this salon right outside the mall so we did a quick trip. We had our hair ironed out before heading back to the hotel. Karir eto teh! LOL

So after slipping into our party clothes, we took a cab to Magellan's.  Right in front of the stage , There was a table set up for three! Ahhhh Meant to be..:D The guys did not have us wait that long and I guess they got the memo cos they looked so fab like Chris in his suit so adorably cute! 

They also graced us a few songs and it was such a treat! They were swapping parts of their popular songs with Chris even imitating Ben's voice and Ben doing the same to M and Chris. T'was so funny, we could die laughing! And I gotta say Its the first time I saw Chris being so funny! He's usually the quiet one but He's on a roll that night! Aside from that . My favorite part was when they sang "Take on Me" and b'cos I was right in front of Ben, He would look straight at me through the chorus pointing out the mic to me like he wants me to participate in the I have a voice that nyt!?  When they got off the stage, Mark passed by right in front of our table...He was sort-ish getting mobbed but still managed to acknowledge us by giving me a soft slow pat on my shoulder..Ahhh I think I almost screamed for more haha.I bet Mark's the sweetest boyfriend ever! I'd like to find out! Haha I got the chance to take a pic with Chris and i so love how we totally looked like we just hosted our engagement party! Arni and Lui hit the jackpot too by scoring a jowa pic with Ben and Mark! Ahhhh What a wonderful night! 

Oh Nothing much to see here ...Chris was just thanking everyone for coming to our engagement party :P Kidding!

A pic of me and Lui hatin' life haha 

Endof day 3 ♥

Back to November : The Much Awaited Concert ♥ 11/23 Part 2

What I hate about living 2 hours away from the city is having to commute 2 hours with a much conservative attire having to consider the dangers of commuting. My life is all about music and fashion so its a total horror for me to go to a show that means so much to me and not having the luxury of wearing what i really wanna wear. With that said, Staying at Waterfront... I did not have that to worry about! Its a dream come true because the show was literally 6 floors underneath my room haha and the fact that the boys were also staying there!? It was just the most convenient thing ever :)

When I started being an a1 fan 12 years ago, I would never imagine that I'd be this blessed. I had nothing. I would go to a concert and some fans would make fun of me cos I always wear the same clothes...Its not that I am a millionaire now LOL I am absolutely no way near being rich , That's a fact!.. but really am fortunate that somehow I get to afford these things this time around and that God allows me to experience as such. I know that he always makes a way for me.

I remember sitting there for a moment , quietly thanking the heavens from the 4th row of the VIP section seated on a chair that stands on a red carpet floor..  I know how its not my first VIP section..(if u're on my FB, u wud know) LOL..but Seeing these guys from a city I never thought I would ever visit and remembering 
how I started .. It humbles me. I guess the best part of starting from literally nothing is that you learn to appreciate every blessing that comes your way no matter how small or big it may seem. There are a lot of things that I never understood then which makes perfect sense now. BTW ang drama much lol Ok..Back to my post!

Concerts are twice as  fun when you get to share it with your friends so seeing A1's Reunited girls on there and some of my friends from Manila ..made it def more enjoyable! I met a few girls who went there from Manila as well to see the show and we were all chitchatting like we've known each other for YEARS! The funniest part was how these Cebu folks were so well behaved then you see the Manila people filling out the mosh section! lol We were all just a barricade away from the guys all going mental when the show started! While singing Everytime 
Mark adorably waved at me from the stage with that face you usually give when u see a friend or someone you know walking across the street... Xempre kilig much ule..You really cant blame me if I miss Mark so much!

So sharing photos from another happy day. 

Credits to Laarni and Karen Reyes for the photos btw! =)

with sweet girl, Karen :)

first to hit the

 I am sorry I dont understand why this was the only pic of Christian I had during the show!
Oh yeah ..bcos it was Arni taking the pic and she's a huge Ben fan! haha

After concert photo op!

Haggardo Versoza teh

Arni, Lui and I with a1 reunited's Mathet and a few more from the group :)

Good times!

with some awesome people who made this happen :)

Posing with Mark Read's keyboard..
Sorry f na f ko talaga xa! haha

My fave pic taken by Karen!
On the stage w/ Mark's keyboard..
Performer lang ang peg! haha